Terms & Conditions

The following general conditions, described below, regulate the relationship between the company and the client. Each trip or event may have particular terms and conditions, complementing these next general conditions. In this way, by contracting the services offered we have in our website, the participant becomes aware of and accepts all Terms and Conditions here established.



The presentation of adequate insurance for the travel program is obligatory on the part of the client. If it does not match the one recommended, Mindful Walking Tours may refuse registration or be exempt from any liability for damages and additional costs.



The client in the quality of participant in an activity must:

– Recognize that outdoor activities, in natural settings, imply risks that can incur in various types of damage, be them personal or material to themselves or third parties. 

– Recognize also that those risks can not be eliminated without compromising the essential characteristics of the activity. These damages can result from different factors, namely, falls, exposure to very high or low temperatures, attacks from animals, insect bites, etc.

– Recognize that our staff look for safety, diminishing the risks associated with the activities developed by us but they cannot ensure the control of factors that they cannot predict.

Therefore, by registering for an activity, the client assumes the following commitments and for the due legal effects agrees with:

– The program of that activity, the inherent risks and voluntarily wishes to participate;

– All the rules, orientations, conduct instructions and all type of recommendations that are given  by the staff; for client’s own safety and for the safety of others (participants or not) and for the setting where the activity takes place, be it a natural public area or a private property;

– Each program that requires a minimum physical and psychological conditions that depend on each particular activity. Considering that, the participant does not have any cardiac, respiratory or other diseases that limit the capacity to engage in sports activities.

In these terms, if the client does not agree with the previous conditions, he or she renounces the payment of any monies for damage that result from the participation in this activity relative to the company.



The duration of the activities may vary depending on weather conditions. 

When we meet at the place designated as the “meeting point” on the event page, there is a 10 minutes tolerance before we start the correspondent event.



Mindful Walking Tours reserves the right to use audiovisual material made during the public events for promotional use. Except with written communication that indicates otherwise, the client authorizes the use of photos and videos taken for promotional activities, sent to clients and for publicity and marketing campaigns.



Through the registration forms available in each of our website event pages the participant can register to any of our upcoming activities.  Through the act of registration, the client agrees to the payment of the totality of the services for which he/she has registered. 

After the client’s registration to the event, we confirm the availability for the activity requested via email. The reservation of the activity will be confirmed only after written confirmation by Mindful Walking Tours.

The reservation process is confirmed only after we receive proof of payment by email.



In case of cancellation, the client will be informed as soon as possible. After cancellation the participant will receive alternative dates or a total refund of all value paid to date for the correspondent event. Late arrivals and no-shows are also nonrefundable. 

Mindful Walking Tours reserves the rights to cancel or modify activities or events in the following cases:

  • Not having the minimum number of participants necessary for the activity to take place.
  • Unfavorable climate conditions that render the activity non doable.
  • The minimum safety conditions are not complied with.

Other conditions that render the activity non doable (fires, strong winds, falling of trees, etc.)

In these previous cases, the client can choose another date or ask for a refund.

In case of cancellation of reservation by the client, the total refund of payment will depend on the following conditions:

1-day activities, total refund when cancellation is made 72 hours prior to the date of the activity.

More than one day activities, in consecutive days or not, total refund when cancellation is made 2 weeks before the date of the activity.



If you have any question, any suggestion or complaint, please contact us sending an email to: info@mindfulwalkingtours.com


Note: These Terms and Conditions are complemented by the event program in which the customer signs up, since each Mindful Walking Tours event may have particular conditions for participation.