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Custom Events

Do you want to take a private walk in a place of your choice? Take a group of friends for weekend trip to explore each of your senses? Go for a Yoga and Meditation retreat created just for you?

All of this and much more is possible. Leave us your message on the contact form and we will find the perfect solution.

Team Building

Do you feel you would like to get to know better your co-workers? That there’s a lot you can do and create together but you have not yet found the opportunity to do so? What about breaking the ice and going deeper into human relationships within the organization you work for?

Send us a message and we can propose a real revolution in the well-being of your team.


Are you a Yoga teacher or are you working with therapies like Reiki, Massages, Sound Healing and Forest Baths? Do you organize and promote events, retreats, workshops, courses related to Meditation, Mindfulness and Personal Development?

Does what you do create a positive impact on the Planet and / or the Society in which we live?

Talk to us and we will be happy to share ideas of partnership with you that can make us both stronger, bringing Inner Peace to more and more people.

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