We are a group of Nature lovers, who recognize the importance of the contact with it and with our inner Nature to keep us physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy. The contact that reminds us that taking care of Nature is essential, so that Nature takes care of us.


Create a Positive Impact on the lives of all People, Society and Nature.

What do we do?

We organize events that promote Human Relations, Self-Development and Respect for Nature through a set of activities that involve:

– Silent walks

– Meditation and Mindfulness

– Self-reflection exercises

– Sharing circles

– Yoga

– Artistic creation

– Self-respect and self-love

– Beach and Forest Cleaning

– Tree planting

– Awareness for Sustainability

Why do we do it?

All activities aim to:

– Improve the way we look at ourselves and others.

– Find beauty in the simplest things.

– Create Peace and Harmony in each of us.

– Arouse curiosity for new perspectives, new questions and new answers.

– Leave a positive impact on people’s lives, society and the environment.

What is our MISSION?

We want to bring Consciousness, Compassion, Purpose and Happiness to as many people as possible so that together we can achieve our Vision of creating a Positive Impact in the World.


Luís Afonso (Medium)
Luís Afonso

In 2014, I decided to follow what my heart was saying: “Go around the World and learn from everything and everyone that comes your way!”.

After living in 9 countries, traveling for more than 50, I ended up realizing that we don’t have to go far to find incredible places, people and experiences, and that to find ourselves, the best we can do is look inside ourselves.

My journey of self-discovery began in Asia, and the contact with various meditation techniques, the practice of Mindfulness exercises and contact with Nature brought me an understanding of life and the world that is beyond all that I learned in the engineering course, in what I read, what I heard …

During this process I gained a very strong connection with walking, passing through places as inhospitable and wonderful as the Himalayas, the Andes, the Pyrenees, the Atlas and the most remote areas of Iceland that brought me great lessons.

After rediscovering myself and learning from this deep connection with Nature, I became a Nature trips guide.

Nowadays I decided to take the opportunity to join Nature trips to explore my Inner Nature and allow everyone who embarks on these trips to learn from them in the same way.

⚆ Nature trips guide in Iceland, Portugal, and Spain

⚆ Master in Energy and Sustainability

⚆ Training in Syntropic Agriculture, Agroforestry and Permaculture

⚆ Meditation Courses: Vipassana, Brahma Kumaris, Ananda Marga, Sri Chinmoy

Daniela Portella Pereira

I consider myself a citizen of the world.

I have lived in three countries and they have been very rewarding experiences, where I had the opportunity to contact different cultures, enriching myself a lot on a personal level. I am passionate about dance, art, photography, decoration, psychology, music, writing, traveling and painting. Creating has always been part of my daily life!

I chose to study Psychology, as the orientation for people was very strong, later I took the Master in Social Psychology. I worked 9 years in Human Resources and in 2019 inspired by books, nature, stories and travel I decided to fly in my dream, in my mission and life purpose and created my first project related to art.

I believe in the impact that art, in general, can cause in each individual being, in which the transformation can happen through our emotions.

Experiencing the emotional side of life helps us to absorb the experiences with more truth and intensity.
Feel and create, in the present and unique moment is my mission.

⚆ SicPsychotherapist EFT Master Practitioner

⚆ Graduated in Psychology

⚆ Master in Social Psychology

⚆ Founder of the Dar’te Arte Project

Girl Enjoying Sunshine

Ruth Frade 

Ruth is a Rehabilitation and Social Integration Professional, graduated from the Higher Institute of Applied Psychology (ISPA), Portugal, since 2006.

Ruth has carried out several internships and projects with people with disabilities and mental illness in Portugal, Mozambique, India and England.

She is also Thai Massage Therapist and Teacher since February 2008, performed at the International Training Massage School (ITM) in Thailand. She held an internship in Chiang Mai, Thailand. She has given several Thai Massage courses in Portugal to the general public and to

workers who support people with disabilities.

She graduated in Mindfulness and Meditation in England in 2017 with Zenways and gave several courses to the general public and care workers.

In 2019, she finishes a Hatha Yoga course in India and started teaching the same year in Nepal, India and Japan.

In 2020, she began studying herbalism, medicinal plants, alchemical formulas, healing diets and iridology.

She currently teaches yoga\meditation in Portuguese and English, has a social project serving people and animals around the world and an online shop, which supports her project.

Ruth is a citizen of the world, lover of people, animals and nature in general and believes that all knowledge should be shared, everyone should be cared for, valued and respected.

 ⚆ Founder of ZenRoute

Filipa Afonso

Filipa has been a Yoga practitioner for over 10 years and a teacher for 4 years.

Since she found her space in the world, she began to explore on the mat the connection between movement, breathing, mind and spirit.

Although she was trained in Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga, her personal practice led her to explore a more intuitive and personal approach. Using her experience in therapeutic and integral massage, dance and energy healing, she began to investigate how the movement of the body and breathing can, potentially, libertarian traumas, tension and emotional and energetic blocks.

She is also an amateur researcher in the fields of ancestral wisdom, as a way to complement her study of the philosophy of Yoga.

Filipa is a certified teacher by the Yoga Alliance through the Indiv Yoga School in Switzerland, and a massage therapist by the ESMTC. Project

⚆ Founder of Yogacomafilipa